Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chloe and Colton
We finally got our moms together so we could take an updated photo. As you can see Chloe is still trying to be the center of attention. Chloe just turned 5 months and C0lton will be 3 months next week. They weigh almost the same but I think Colton has a inch on Chloe!!
Oh, how cute are these two!
Colton in awe watching Chloe sit up by herself. (hopefully he took some tips)

Colton not sure about this excersaucer. It was his first time in one.. Glad Chloe can share (hope that continues) her toys!

Just a cute pic of Chloe I couldn't resist blogging!! My little Lady Bug:)

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  1. Lauren has that same outfit.. I LOVE IT.. Can't believe how big she is!!